More Than This

There is more than this. There is better than this.

Do you feel caught in your day-to-day activities with a sense that there must be more than this, as though a situation had been forced on you that does not fit with who you really are?

This book is for those who are struggling with self-expression in a world that would deny them. It is a companion to help overcome life’s brick walls and how to move to the next level of self-awareness and creative expression in your own life.

This is a very personal book for me. I have spent decades of writing, thinking and reflection to produce this work. It takes into account all that I have learned in my own growth and development of what it means to be a human being (yes, even before the age of seven when certain people began to see me as unusual).

I give you this work as an antidote to the negative parts of your culture that stifle individual nature, self-awareness and creative expression. By freeing ourselves, we free our society.